Pilot programme for provision of food by private company launched at "Nubarashen" Penitentiary Institution

15/10/2019 Font

On 15 October, pilot programme for provision of food by a private company was launched at the "Nubarashen" Penitentiary Institution of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia. Today, 366 persons being kept at the Penitentiary Institution ate the food. For comparison, let us mention that 300 persons had eaten the food yesterday, on 14 October.

On 16 October, the programme will also be launched at "Armavir" Penitentiary Institution, which has the largest composition and the highest number of beneficiaries.

This means that penitentiary institutions are introducing a new and effective system for preparing, delivering and allocating food made by highly qualified chefs.

Introduction of this system at other penitentiary institutions is viewed as prospective in case of successful implementation of the 70-day pilot programme.

The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia and the Penitentiary Service reaffirm their determination to implement the fundamental benchmarks envisaged by the Programme of the Government of the Republic of Armenia and to carry out radical reforms in the penitentiary system. The actions to improve the conditions for keeping persons deprived of liberty and improve the quality of service for them will be ongoing.

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