Meeting with residents of territories of Small Centre of Yerevan, recognised as territory of primary public interest

29/11/2019 Font

On 28 November 2009, Director of the "Centre for Legislation Development and Legal Research" Foundation of the Ministry of Justice Tigran Dadunts met with a number of residents of the Small Centre of Yerevan and their advocates who are involved in the relations of alienation of property for ensuring primary public interests.

Tigran Dadunts noted that such dialogue is important from the viewpoint of comprehensive understanding of the situation in the process of alienation and finding effective ways for the solution of problems arising therefrom, including through the implementation of legislative amendments.

The citizens participating in the meeting presented the problems they have been facing in the process of alienation of property for ensuring primary public interests since 2008. The advocates, representing the interests of residents, spoke about the legal ways that, according to them, may lead to the solution to problems of citizens in alienation processes. The current legislative regulations relating to the alienation processes and to the problems having arisen as a result of the application thereof, were also discussed.

Tigran Dadunts attached importance to the formation of a complete factual and legal picture, especially taking into consideration the fact that detection of violations in the process of compulsory alienation of property for state or community needs is also among the predetermined objectives of the 2019-2023 Strategy for Judicial and Legal Reforms through the formation and activities of the Fact-Finding Commission. Meanwhile, summarising the results of the meeting, it was mentioned that the positions presented during the meeting will be taken into consideration for making relevant factual and legal analyses and seeking solutions to the problems existing in the field.

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