Public Discussion on the Strategy for Reforms in the Police and the 2020-2022 Action Plan held

25/02/2020 Font

Today, public discussion on the Strategy for Reforms in the Police of the Republic of Armenia and the 2020-2022 Action Plan deriving therefrom was held with the participation of the Deputy Minister of Justice Kristinne Grigoryan.

It was organised by the "Armenian Lawyers’ Association" NGO and the Anti-Corruption Coalition of the Civil Society Organisations of Armenia, with over 50 public and private sector representatives.

In her opening speech, Deputy Minister Grigoryan expressed gratitude to the partner NGOs for their continued cooperation and organisation of such discussions, as well as to the other participants of the workshop for their interest and engagement.

According to Kristinne Grigoryan, the aim of the reforms, in fine, should be the positive change in public attitude towards the police. As a long-term guarantee for the success of the strategic reforms, the Deputy Minister also emphasised the importance of inclusiveness, from legislation drafting to practical application and accountability.

During the content-related stage of the sector-specific discussion of the Strategy, the Deputy Minister outlined the main areas of reforms, referred to the changes expected in the field of police education, the formation of a politically responsible structure, the introduction of Patrol Service, the establishment of an operational management centre, the revision of community policing functions, and changes envisaged in police troops.

Afterwards, a question-and-answer session was held between the participants and speakers of the discussion.



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